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   Information is secured from sources believed to be reliable, but 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For analytical purposes, some price data for illiquid markets may be  interpolated.    Persons associated with deal commercially with businesses active in Prairie grain markets and may hold positions on their own accounts in commodities discussed herein.    Prairie Crop Charts does not provide specific marketing advice or advice on trading opinions on futures and option contracts., 905 – 167 Lombard Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3B 0V3, tel: (204) 942-1459  fax: (204) 942-7652
  Sample Basic Charts
Sample Basic Charts Basic Chart Service
   Introducing the Basic Chart Service. Updated weekly on Mondays, the basic chart service provides subscribers with unannotated line charts for the crops grown on the prairies that we cover. A one year subscription costs $99 plus GST.    Each basic chart covers a period of nine months of average prices ending the previous week. Basic charts also show provincial and crop type breakdowns when appropriate. Charts include: Barley [Feed] - SK, AB and MB Oats - SK, AB and MB Barley [Malt] - SK Peas [Green and Yellow] - SK Canaryseed - SK Soybeans - MB Canola - SK, AB and MB Wheat [CPRS] - SK, AB and MB Corn - MB Wheat [CWRS] - SK, AB and MB Flax - SK, AB and MB Wheat [Durum] - SK and AB Lentils [Laird, Eston and Red] - SK Wheat [Feed] - SK, AB and MB Mustard [Yellow, Brown and Oriental] - SK    Subscribing is easy. Complete and submit the subscription order form or call either 1-800-567-5671 or 1-204-942-1459.
Sample Basic Charts
Need a Speaker?    If your club, event or association needs a speaker, ask me.    As the author of Prairie Crop Charts, I can tailor my presentation to be broad or focussed, depending on your interests. Notable events include: 2012 Banff International Commodities Conference 2013 Wild Oats Grainworld 2014 CME Group/CBOT Grain Marketing Workshop. 2014 Craft Supply Conference (Brewing), Philadelphia. 2015 CSTA Annual Meeting "Technicians Day.” 2015 - 2021 Guest Lecturer University of Manitoba, "Price Discovery in Manitoba Grains and Oilseeds.” 2017 Duck”s Unlimited, "Price Discovery in Winter Wheat.” 2017 Canadian Mustard Association Annual Meeting 2019 Radville, SK. Gentlemen Farmers Informal Marketing Club. 2019 & 2020 Guest Lecturer University of Saskatchewan, “Seasonality in Prairie Crop Pricing.” 2020 Wild Oats Grain Marketing Seminar, Yorkton, SK. “Basis,. Seasonality and Value Ratios in Marketing.”    Give me a call!    Harold AGJ Davis    (204) 479-4637 weekdays 9:00AM to    4:00PM central time
Sample Basic Charts